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CD Storage Boxes Wholesale

Custom CD storage boxes are used for storing CDs. CDs are quite fragile and slight scratches can destroy them. CD storage boxes are used by companies to protect the CDs from scratches and breakage. These are often customized to impress the customers to buy the storage boxes. The good thing about CD storage boxes is they can be made in any shape and design. Carefully designed CD storage boxes grab customer attention and lead the business towards success. 

Which Material is Best for CD Storage Boxes?

Printed CD storage boxes can be made in any way you want. The material selection is important here because you’re printing and CD safety depends on it. We know that a minor scratch on CD can affect its performance so durable materials for CDs Covers protect and secure the CDs so customers can get original quality CDs.

You can design innovative designs for your covers to appeal to the audience. CD storage boxes play important role in attracting customers and boosting your sales revenue. Window panes can be added to your CD boxes to make them look luxuriously amazing. CD storage boxes are very cost-effective. These are usually made with cardboard which is a durable and low-priced material.

CD covers are not only a safe protective case for your fragile CDs but it is a chance for your brand to market its products perfectly. Every brand wants to earn a unique identity in the market so customers can easily remember its products. You can print your brand logo on your CD cover to build your name in the market and help the customer remember/recognize your product. These boxes are one of the best yet cheap marketing mediums. amazingly designed CD storage packaging boxes bring your brand word-of-mouth marketing and repetitive sales. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • Two Panels CD Jacket

Two-panel CD jackets are famous for their protective structure and strong build. These usually come in form of sleeves that allow you to slide your CDs in comfortably. Two panel CD jackets can be with or without sealing flaps and have a soft involved layer that keeps your CDs safe from scratches. These custom boxes wholesale are very sturdy which keeps CDs safe from humidity and breakage. These boxes are very convenient in usage. 

  • Six-Panel CD Jackets

These boxes are often used by organizations and schools due to their ability to be utilized for several reasons.  Six-panel CD jackets are made with three slides that joint together to form the shape of the book. These boxes hold up to 6 CDs at one time safely. 

  • Four-Panel CD Jacket

These CD jackets are similar to two-panel jackets but have more space for CDs. These are formed with high-quality material so their CDs stay safe from dirt, water, and scratches.  

  • Bookend CD Storage

As the name indicates book end CD storage boxes have book style appearance that keeps the CDs safe and sound. These cases have two layered display panels and have features of straight tuck end boxes

Where to get CD Storage Boxes

Fine packaging service offers a huge variety of CD storage boxes that can be customized according to your needs. We are one of the renowned packaging providers due to our finest quality material and brilliant packaging services. We let our customers choose every inch of their CD covers so their packaging is a reflection of their aesthetics.  Our creative team of designers is available to help you in creating a unique design for your packaging without charging any hidden costs from you.

We use the latest digital and offset technology along with CYMK/PMS color schemes to give your CD covers high-resolution prints. Our loyal customers know how honest we are in our dealings. We offer a free custom quote and a 3d sample of CD covers. Order your CD storage boxes today to get them delivered with zero shipping cost in the fastest turnaround time.


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